Optimize Your Wellbeing with Guided Microdosing
Our comprehensive, science-backed microdosing programs and resources help you make change guided by experienced psychedelic & medical experts.
Microdosing Benefits
Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit with Microdosing.
We’ve developed a custom online program, led by leading physicians and backed by the latest scientific research to unlock your full potential with microdosing 🍄🚀
Increased Focus
Enhance cognitive function and increased mental clarity as a result of improved Neural Growth Factor in the brain.
Improved Mood
Studies show microdosers report reduced levels of anxiety, depression, and stress compared to control groups.
Enhanced Creativity
Studies show microdosers exhibit greater creativity and enhanced problem-solving driven by increases in divergent thinking.
Microdosing Benefits
Find your flow state and optimize your wellbeing. Microdosing has been scientifically proven to have mental, emotional, and physical benefits.
mental clarity
Enhanced Focus
Increased Creativity
Improved Wellbeing
Greater Connection
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Download our free microdosing guide to learn more.
Free Microdosing Guide
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This 8-week microdosing journey includes:
Personalized microdosing plan
20 hours of educational programming
3 one-on-one coaching sessions
Meditation and breathwork exercises
Daily mood tracking
Retreat Microdosing Journal
Private online community
100% confidential
Medicine not included
Our Offerings
Heal your body, mind & spirit with plant medicine.
Studies show that one month of microdosing improves mood and mental health.
Free Microdosing Guide
Learn about microdosing with our free guide, developed by psychedelic & medical experts and backed by data.
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The science behind microdosing
Different microdosing protocols
Best practices for health and safety
Microdosing Course
Take our research-backed, expert-led microdosing course and learn to enhance your wellbeing and improve mental health.
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20 hours of educational programming
Audio & text formats
Private online community
100% confidential
Medicine not included
Microdosing Coaching
Meet 1:1 with a microdosing coach and get the support you need to enhance your wellbeing and improve mental health.
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1 monthly hour session
Personalized dosage plan
Outcomes-driven coaching
Psychedelic medicine experts
100% confidential
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What is Microdosing?
March 2023
Can Microdosing Help Heal Sexual Trauma?
Sexual trauma poses unique challenges to clinical treatment. Psychedelic medicine can address healing from sexual trauma through a more holistic lens.
April 2023
Microdosing Protocols: The Stamets Stack
The Stamets Stack is a popular combination of natural supplements, Psilocybin, Lion's Mane and Niacin to support brain health, cognitive function, and focus. We look at the research and benefits of these supplements and their combintion.
February 2023
What is Microdosing?
Microdosing is a new health trend that is helping people improve performance, reduce anxiety, enhance creativity, and find joy.
Dive In
Take the Retreat Microdosing Course
Guide yourself through microdosing with our comprehensive microdosing course, developed by experts across the psychedelic medicine, psychology, and integrative medicine.

In our 20-hour, self-paced course, you'll learn:
The science and research behind microdosing
The benefits of microdosing
Proper microdosing protocols
How to microdose
How to enhance your microdosing experience
How to optimize your physical health with microdosing
How to optimize creativity with microdosing
How to find your flow state
What other Retreaters say:
"Microdosing improved my mood, decreased my anxiety. The way I flow through my days has changed for the better."
Los Angeles
"Unblocked my creativity & productivity. I've never felt more effective or more in-tune with others"
"I now have a deeper sense of fulfillment. and greater clarity of purpose"
North Carolina
"Improved my creativity & productivity noticeably, with lasting effects"
New York
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