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Get matched with a health coach with expertise in microdosing & psychedelics. Get personalized support in microdosing safely and achieving the change you want.

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Who is coaching for?

Microdosing offers transformative mental, physical and spiritual benefits. But, proper support, protocols, and guidance is needed to drive change.


Stressed & anxious? You’re not alone. Mushrooms help us ground, heal, and reduce friction and resistance in day-to-day life.


Mushrooms have been scientifically proven to enhance divergent thinking and increase creative problem solving.


80% of Retreat customers come to us to enhance focus and report improvement in focus and reduced friction with consistent coaching.

What's included

Personalized support for your microdosing journey

Monthly video calls
Outcomes-driven coaching
Psychedelic medicine experts
100% confidential

Meet 1:1 with a microdosing coach and get the support you need to enhance your wellbeing and improve mental health.

Set up a video chat with a trained psychedelic facilitator and coach to get your questions answered, review any health considerations, and recieve your custom dosage plan.

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Microdosing benefits

Find your flow state and optimize your wellbeing. Microdosing has been scientifically proven to have mental, emotional, and physical benefits.

Mental Clarity
Enhanced focus
Increased creativity
Improved wellbeing
Greater connection
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About us

Heal your body, mind & spirit with integrative care

Retreat is a holistic healthcare platform providing integrative medicine, therapy and health coaching to deliver care that looks after all of you. Led by our expert medical team, our evidence-backed courses, resources and membership can kick start your journey towards lasting change.

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Integrated Approach

Through our comprehensive, integrative approach to medicine, we address your physical, mental, and emotional well-being to facilitate profound and sustainable change.

Expert-led care

Our programs are developed by our experienced and dedicated medical team of experts trained in integrative medicine, and psychedelic integration.

Personalized Guidance

Your journey is unique, which is why our coaching and membership programs are designed to develop care that works for you.

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Discover our comprehensive, science-backed microdosing programs and resources, designed to help you make change guided by experienced psychedelic & medical experts.

Group Program

Our invite-only microdosing programs are a 10-week transformational experience and healing journey.

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