Your introduction to microdosing

Audio course option
Self-paced Learning
Designed by doctors & experts
12 hours of learning

Our microdosing course was developed by doctors and psychedelic therapists  and teaches you how to microdose effectively, backed by science and data.

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Unblocked my creativity & productivity. I've never felt more effective or more in-tune with others

Cindy, Brooklyn

Microdosing improved my mood, decreased my anxiety. The way I flow through my days has changed for the better.

Sam, Los Angeles

I now have a deeper sense of fulfillment, and greater clarity of purpose

Dan, North Carolina
What's included

Everything you need to begin your microdosing journey

Audio course option
Self-paced Learning
Designed by doctors & experts
12 hours of learning

Our signature microdosing course was developed by physicians, therapists and psychedelic experts to provide the tools you need to microdose safely and effectively to drive change.

In our program you’ll learn:

Microdosing benefits & side effects

How to microdose

Selecting the right protocol

Finding your flow state

Plus, you'll receive access to our invite-only, 100% confidential Retreat community.

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Microdosing benefits

Find your flow state and optimize your wellbeing. Microdosing has been scientifically proven to have mental, emotional, and physical benefits.

Mental Clarity
Enhanced focus
Increased creativity
Improved wellbeing
Greater connection
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This course is for you if...

You're burnt out, stressed & tired

You're looking to reduce anxiety

You're seeking greater clarity & purpose

You’re looking to enhance creativity

You want more joy in your day-to-day

You're all about that flow state

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Ready to get jump in?

Join our self-paced, expert-led microdosing course to enhance your wellbeing, boost your creativity and improve mental health.

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Curious about microdosing?

Learn to microdose with our free guide.

Microdosing 101

Benefits and side effects of Microdosing

How to microdose

Microdosing protocol

Flow State

Psychedelics & the Future of Health

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