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Microdosing 101

Benefits and side effects of Microdosing

How to microdose

Microdosing protocol

Flow State

Psychedelics & the Future of Health

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Why microdose?

Unlock your potential

Go from surviving to thriving with microdosing. Microdosing offers numerous health benefits, reported by microdosers, such as improving mental health, enhancing creativity, jumpstarting productivity, and increasing overall joy and wellbeing.

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Microdosing benefits

Find your flow state and optimize your wellbeing. Microdosing has been scientifically proven to have mental, emotional, and physical benefits.

Mental Clarity
Enhanced focus
Increased creativity
Improved wellbeing
Greater connection
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Our free microdosing guide was developed by physicians, therapists and psychedelic experts to help you understand the basics of microdosing.

In our free guide you’ll learn:

Microdosing benefits & side effects

How to microdose

Microdosing protocols

Finding your flow state

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