A Future for Psychedelic Medicine
The Psychedelic Renaissance has arrived—and we couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks primarily to an increase in clinical research around the myriad mental health benefits of psychedelic medicine, public perception around psychedelics is rapidly evolving. The global mental health crisis has shifted how citizens, governments, communities and corporations approach psychedelic medicine, and the regulatory landscape is fast evolving.

At Retreat, we are committed to providing comprehensive, research-backed information and resources about psychedelic medicine, and excited about the evolving future of health and wellbeing. A future, we believe, is more joyful, authentic, and kind.
About Retreat
Retreat is a microdosing platform providing content, community, connection, and coaching to psychedelic newcomers. Our comprehensive, science-backed programs and information help you optimize your well-being and drive personal growth via guided microdosing, supported by a team of experts.

You can join our signature 8-week microdosing program, or set up a coaching call with a professional before you microdose.

We offer a robust universe of content to educate, entertain, and inspire on all things psychedelics. And, we’re launching an invite-only psychedelic community in the coming weeks.
Microdosing is the practice of consistently consuming very small amounts of a psychedelic substance, often psilocybin mushrooms, with the intention of improving one’s quality of life. Microdosing is generally 5-10% of a macro (or hallucinogenic) dose and is sub-perceptual.

Microdosing may provide subtle benefits including:
Increased joy
Greater presence
Improved problem solving
Enhanced mood
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Our Offerings
Heal your body, mind & spirit with plant medicine.

Studies show that one month of microdosing improves mood and mental health.
Free Microdosing Guide
Learn about microdosing with our free guide, developed by psychedelic & medical experts and backed by data.
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The science behind microdosing
Different microdosing protocols
Best practices for health and safety
Microdosing Course
Take our research-backed, expert-led microdosing course and learn to enhance your wellbeing and improve mental health.
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20 hours of educational programming
Audio & text formats
Private online community
100% confidential
Medicine not included
Microdosing Coaching
Meet 1:1 with a microdosing coach and get the support you need to enhance your wellbeing and improve mental health.
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1 monthly hour session
Personalized dosage plan
Outcomes-driven coaching
Psychedelic medicine experts
100% confidential
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