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Healing for the Holidays

The holidays shouldn’t have to be a place between joy and stress. With a different approach to how you handle stress, you can experience the festivities while nurturing your well-being. Here's to a season where your mind and body feel at peace even after the holiday hustle. Magic Mushrooms, shrooms, can be a game changer for handling holiday stress.

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Lydia Mcclendon
November 21, 2023

It's the season of connection, celebration, and often overwhelming emotions. Amidst the festivities, it can be challenging to maintain healthy habits, boundaries, and practices—but for those on a journey to heal (and who isn’t?), it can be more important than ever.

At Retreat, we believe that true health encompasses mind, body, and spirit—and one cannot be truly healthy until the three fall into alignment. We’ve created a platform, community, and services for those seeking support with plant medicine, mental health, and spirituality.

The cheerful decorations often conceal the stressors that sneak into this merry season. Traffic jams, financial strains, and family dynamics can become intense pressure points. Understanding how these stressors impact not just the mind but also the body is key. They're not independent entities; they dance together, influencing one another. The mind-body connection isn’t just a concept; it's a truth that underlines our experiences. Studies have shown a direct link between how we treat our minds and bodies, and the ways that we can influence one or the other by changing things like body movement, patterns of thinking, nutrition, and more. 

Here are our tips for staying healthy in the holiday season. 

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Start with Somatics to Feel Your Emotions 

With the political climate more tense than ever, the holidays are often a time to repress our opinions, feelings, and emotions. 

While we don’t recommend starting a political debate over turkey dinner, it can be helpful to set aside time to feel your emotions— privately— whether that’s time away from family or a quick meditation break.  

Emotions are meant to be expressed—e-motion literally means “movement” in Latin. Suppression of emotions can lead to both emotional and physical pain. Holistically a somatic approach—a method focusing on the mind-body connection—can be your guiding light, offering tangible tools to navigate these intricate emotions.

Somatic Exercises

Enter somatic exercises—dynamic tools that bridge this gap. What exactly are they? They're intentional movements and practices designed to tap into your body's wisdom. Simple yet profound, they include grounding techniques and mindful breathing exercises. These aren’t quick fixes; they're enduring strategies that harmonize your mind and body. Paired with things like coaching, microdosing, or in-person retreats; Somatic work can be a tool for a major shift in both body and mind. 

Breathwork Techniques

The rhythmic rise and fall of your breath can be a sense of peace during tumultuous times. Conscious breathing techniques serve as gentle guides, allowing you to reclaim control of chaos. From stress-relief practices to methods fostering emotional release, breathwork offers an oasis of calm amidst the holiday frenzy.

There is a simple exercise you can try even while reading this. 4-7-8 Breathwork is a simple but powerful way to regain control over your nervous system and breathing. This breathing pattern aims to reduce anxiety or help people get to sleep. It is a form of pranayama, which is a practice of breath regulation. 

Step 1: Breathe in for 4 seconds, allow stress or unease to be present with you as you breathe in.
Step 2: Hold that breath in for 7 seconds, allowing yourself to be present with whatever you are experiencing in this moment. 
Step 3: Exhale for 8 seconds, feeling the discomfort leaving with each second passing. 

Congratulations, you’ve just completed a breathing exercise! Now, you have a simple tool to help in times of stress and discomfort (like when Aunt Jan asks you, again, why you haven’t settled down). 

Body Movement

Movement is medicine. Whether it's the gentle flow of yoga, the meditative grace of Tai Chi, or the unrestrained joy of dance, physical movement however you can, is a simple solution for stress. These aren’t just exercises; they’re ways to inhabit your body fully, allowing emotions (and movement) flow to flow. 

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Microdosing Protocols

The conversation shifts to microdosing—a new way people have found to process difficult emotions, to find more joy, or to gain deeper connections. Understanding its potential benefits for stress and grief has become a topic of recent studies in how psychedelics can help to rewire our brains. Seeking professional guidance becomes paramount in this exploration of alternative healing practices. Exploring psychedelics can be a daunting idea, especially when you may not know where to start. Finding the right magic Mushroom dosage is just one part of developing a microdosing plan that may work for you. There are options, once you’ve worked to determine dosage, that can make a huge impact on your psychedelic development. Protocols, schedules for taking microdoses of psychedelics, can be a helpful tool when finding the right flow. The Faidman Protocol and Stamets Stack are two well known and increasingly popular options for a microdosing protocol. 

Healing from Grief and Preventing Burnout

Grief often intensifies during the holidays. Somatic practices offer a compassionate space for processing these emotions. Moreover, recognizing burnout symptoms is crucial. Setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care become non-negotiables in this journey towards well-being. You can do this through working with a coach and on accountability to how you’re keeping your boundaries or through things like introspection and journaling through microdose protocol. 

Creating Your Personal Holiday Wellness Plan

Crafting a personalized wellness plan is about having realistic expectations. For some, it can be a fusion of somatic techniques, bodywork, and psychedelics all customized to suit your unique needs and lay the groundwork for a fulfilling holiday experience.

In this holiday season, a somatic approach can become the difference between balance and burnout. Empower yourself to navigate the season with grace and ease. Embracing a more well-rounded path to well-being—one that honors your entire being, can be a game changer for long-term success. Whether that’s a coach, an event, a retreat, or a community; knowing that you have options for finding wellness can take away some of the stress of navigating a new year. 

Remember, this is a journey—one that's enriched by knowledge and shared experiences. Seek solace and wisdom in suggested books, websites, apps, and professional help. Online communities and forums become sanctuaries for shared stories and invaluable advice.

The holidays shouldn’t have to be a place between joy and stress. With a different approach to how you handle stress, you can experience the festivities while nurturing your well-being. Here's to a season where your mind and body feel at peace even after the holiday hustle. 

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