Microdosing 101

Social Dosing 101

The Retreat guide to microdosing psychedelic mushrooms in social settings. We go over the basics of macro and microdosing, explore the benefits of microdosing for social anxiety, offer practical tips for using psychedelics in social situations, and emphasize the value of coaching and continued education for personal growth and improved social interactions. It also highlights the importance of safety, ethics, and responsible use.

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Lydia Mcclendon
November 13, 2023

The Power of Microdosing for Social Situations

Imagine this: a subtle shift in perception, a touch of enhanced creativity, and a dash of increased empathy. That's the promise of microdosing, especially when it comes to navigating the intricate dance of social situations. From casual gatherings to deep heart-to-hearts, microdosing is making its mark as a potential social lubricant. 

Let’s start with dosage: microdosing is VERY different than macrodosing, more commonly known as a “trip” or a “journey. Microdosing is 1/10 or 1/20 the dose of a journey, and enables the user to get the benefits of psychedelic medicine more subtly, over time. Proper dosage is user dependent, along with a number of other factors. Get our primer on dosage here

First things first – mididosing. It's like turning up the volume (just a bit) on your psychedelic experience. Think of it as a deeper dive into the realms of altered consciousness, where the effects are more pronounced. While some may seek insights, others might find themselves riding waves of introspection. Psychedelic journeys are best for  for those looking for more profound experiences or looking to find answers to harder questions, or to do deeper work. We always recommend doing so with careful preparation, a thoughtful set and setting, and an ethical trip sitter or ideally, a psychedelic guide. On the other,  more subtle side of the spectrum is microdosing. Microdosing is usually 50 to 300 MG of magical mushrooms. (Dive deep into dosage here.)  It's all about taking a miniaturized journey, just enough to stir the waters without making a splash. Picture it as a gentle nudge rather than a cosmic shove. Microdosers often report heightened focus, improved mood, and a sprinkle of creativity without the psychedelic rollercoaster. It's like sipping, not chugging, the elixir of perception.

As interest continues to bloom, it's essential to approach these experiences with an open mind and a sprinkle of caution. Whether you're considering a macro adventure or a micro experiment, remember – the journey is as unique as you are.

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Finding the Right Dosage 

So, you've decided to dip your toes into the world of microdosing. The first step on this intriguing journey is finding the Goldilocks zone – the right dosage. It's like crafting the perfect recipe; too much, and it might overwhelm, too little, and you might miss the magic. Let's explore the art of finding that sweet spot.

Frequency of Microdosing

Microdosing isn't a daily plunge into psychedelic waters; it's more of a rhythmic dance. Some adventurers choose a classic routine of every third or fourth day, while others sway to a more personalized beat. Finding the right frequency is like discovering your own unique rhythm in the symphony of microdosing.

Microdosing Schedule (Protocol

It is not recommended to microdose every day, but rather to follow one of of a few schedules, or protocols. They are:

  • The Beginner’s Protocol: Microdose every other day.
  • The Fadiman Protocol: Microdose every third day.
  • The Stamets Stack: Microdose 4 days in a row, take 3 days off.
  • The workaholic protocol: Microdose 5 days in a row, take 2 days off.
  • (We’re not sure if this was created by our founder or the tech bros in Silicon Valley.)

The two most popular protocols are the Fadiman Protocol and the Stamets Stack, as they are based on decades of psychedelic experience and scientific research by James Fadiman and Paul Stamets, respectively. Read more on each here and here.

 Duration of a Typical Microdosing Cycle 

Embarking on a microdosing adventure is akin to setting sail on a journey, and every journey has a duration. How long should you keep the sails unfurled? The typical microdosing cycle varies, but a common duration is around six to 10 weeks. It's like planting seeds and patiently watching them grow. You’re literally rewiring your brain through Nerve Growth Factor, which takes at least 90 days.

The Importance of Consistency

Skipping doses or altering your routine might throw off the delicate balance you've cultivated. It's like tending to a delicate plant; a consistent approach gives the most vibrant results. Finding the right dosage, syncing with a frequency that harmonizes with your rhythm, and maintaining a consistent approach will set the stage for a transformative journey.

What is a Social Dose (also known as a Mididose or Museum Dose)

For a social dose, it's highly recommended to stay under 1 gram of mushrooms. Begin with your microdose (say you microdose 100 MG or 0.1 G), and double it (so, 200 MG or 0.2 G). When you get closer to 1 gram of mushrooms, you may be likely to experience a minor trip, such as brighter colors and giggles. Every body is different, and the adage "Start Low, Go Slow" always applies to all scenarios.

So, based on the following chart, if you're dosing for social reasons, stick to 0.3 to 08 grams.

Many people are utilizing mushrooms as an alternative to alcohol in social situations, like parties, concerts, and time in nature.  There are many benefits—chief among them no hangover. A mididose, or recreational dose, is a step above a microdose, and can be tricky to get just right. Most users report wanting to feel happy, present, and smiley—but not seeing colors or tripping. A mididose or social dose is usually under 1 gram, and you’ll want to tread carefully in increasing your dosage.

The benefits of utilizing mushrooms over alcohol include:

  • Increased presence
  • Improved mood
  • Enhanced joy 
  • Reduced appetite
  • No toxic chemicals
  • No hangover

However, take too much—and you end up in a full-on trip on a dinner party (not recommended). 

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How Different Dosing Can Alleviate Social Anxiety 

Starting on a journey to handle your social anxiety through psychedelic dosing? Let's delve into the intricacies around how different doses can impact you in social settings. The dosage you choose can be the setting by which you handle those harder social seas. A microdose might gently ease those anxious waves, offering a subtle boost in mood without the psychedelic spotlight. On the other hand, a moderate dose could be like setting sail with a bit more wind in your sails—more noticeable effects that still allow you to navigate social waters comfortably. Understanding how different dosing levels impact anxiety relief is the compass guiding you to a smoother, anxiety-free journey.

Improved Mood and Confidence 

Mididosing may provide a subtle lift, like a gentle breeze under your wings, fostering an improved mood and a sprinkle of confidence. Meanwhile, a slightly higher dose might feel like catching a more robust wind, lifting your spirits and confidence. Understanding the nuances of dosing levels is like tuning into the frequency that harmonizes with your desire for improved mood and confidence in social settings. From micro to midi and even a macro, you can find the right dosage for you to help heal your inner social critic. 

Enhanced Empathy and Connection

When it comes to enhancing empathy and connection, the dosage can be the lens through which you view the social landscape. Microdosing might offer a softened perspective, like wearing rose-tinted glasses that subtly enhance your ability to connect with others. On the flip side, a moderate dose could be like putting on a pair of binoculars, offering a clearer, more profound view of the emotions and connections around you. Exploring how different dosages impact empathy and connection is like choosing the right lens to capture these meaningful interactions

Tips for Microdosing in Social Settings 

Set and Setting 

Stepping into the social sphere with mushrooms in tow requires a thoughtful approach to your "set and setting." Imagine it as curating the stage for a play – your mindset and environment are the actors. Choose settings where you feel comfortable, positive, and in sync with the vibe. Whether it's a cozy dinner or a lively gathering, set the stage for an experience that aligns with your intentions.

Unlike alcohol or cannabis, which are depressants and dull your sense, mushrooms are amplifiers. Mushrooms amplify and increase your sensitivity to sound, smell, color and emotion. That’s why many people enjoy taking mushrooms and going to a concert or music festival: it amplifiers the experience.

An intimate social setting with close friends might be good for mushrooms, but a lively cocktail party could be challenging: your sensitivity to others could be amplified, leaving you a bit vulnerable and anxious. 

Planning and Preparing

Plan ahead and ensure you have everything you need, from essentials like water and snacks to a trusted friend who knows about your microdosing venture. It's like packing a backpack for an exciting journey – preparation ensures you're ready for whatever the social adventure may bring.

 Responsible Consumption 

It's not about trying to outshine a disco ball but rather about enhancing the experience subtly. Keep your dosage in check, stay aware of your limits, and remember that less is often more in the world of microdosing. Responsible consumption ensures you ride the social wave with finesse rather than getting caught in a psychedelic undertow.

Monitoring Your Reactions

Keep an eye on your reactions during social microdosing. How's the mood? Are you comfortable? Stay attuned to your emotions and energy levels. If you feel the need to adjust yourself, don't hesitate. It's like navigating changing weather – adaptability is the key. By monitoring your reactions, you ensure a delightful social situation with minimal turbulence.

The Role of Coaching and Continued Education in Microdosing

At Retreat we always recommend seeking professional guidance for your psychedelic journey, whether micro or maco. That experience can be a major help in handling social settings with or without the use of psychedelics. 

The Retreat Microdosing Course 

Our microdosing course is a valuable tool in helping learn ways to manage stress, anxiety, and find more joy in the day to day. The course, developed by professionals and medical experts, ensures you’re getting the best materials, meditations, and access to accurate information. 

Learning to Navigate Social Situations Effectively

Whether you use psychedelics or not, it’s so important to find ways to handle hard social settings effectively. Finding community, resources, coaching or courses can be a great place to get started and find others on the same social journey as you. 

Empowering Yourself with Microdosing 

Microdosing can be a catalyst for enhancing social experiences and sayinggoodbye to  anxiety. It's like having a trusty sidekick on your journey, boosting your confidence and easing the social butterflies in your stomach. Discover how microdosing can be a tool for cultivating meaningful connections and turning social settings into spaces of joy and genuine interaction.

The Ongoing Journey of Self-Exploration and Growth

Microdosing isn't just a one-time adventure; it's a continuous journey of self-exploration and growth. Think of it as a series of small, intentional steps toward understanding yourself better. With each microdose, you open doors to new perspectives and possibilities. It's like embarking on a quest within, navigating the intricate landscapes of your thoughts and emotions. Join me in exploring how microdosing becomes a companion on your ongoing journey of personal development.

So, whether you're looking to infuse a spark into your social life or embark on a continuous path of self-discovery, microdosing could be the key to unlocking a world of potential within. Let's dive into the ways it empowers you to navigate social spaces with ease and embark on a profound journey of self-exploration and growth. The magic lies not in the destination, but in the transformative experience of the journey itself.

Suggested Reading and Websites 

If you’re still looking for more, our Retreat Journal (e.g. blog) is packed with resources and conversations to help you feel less alone on your psychedelic  journey. We want to empower you to find your flow through thoughtful topics all about the blooming psychedelic industry. 

Professional Therapists and Coaches 

We also offer 1:1 coaching so that you can find the right frame of mind for you. With experts by your side offering meditations, prompts and accountability you can find the right microdosing regimen for you. 

Retreats and Educational Courses for Continued Learning

Want to go even deeper? We’ve got you covered.  In 2024 Retreat will be hosting…retreats! In-person opportunities to grow together and find a community on the same journey as you. If social settings have been a problem in the past, psychedelic retreats ,and even online courses can be a great chance to get out of your head and connect with yourself and others  in a safe setting. 

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