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The Mushroom Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Our gift guide for the mushroom lovers, psychedelic enthusiasts, and plant medicine aficionados.

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Cori Sue Morris
December 4, 2023

Ho ho ho it’s the holidays! 

What’s red, white, and round? If you guessed Santa—you’re right. If you guessed Amanita Muscaria—the cute, hallucinogenic, red and white mushroom—you’re also right! 

If you’re interested in nerding out, there’s a school of thought that believes there’s a psychedelic history to Christmas—that the Amanita Muscari inspired Santa’s red-and-white outfit, and the psychedelic mushroom is responsible for hallucinations like flying reindeer and Santa shrinking to get down chimneys. (Amanita Muscaria, produces a different type of psychedelic compound to the psilocybin mushroom and it’s often linked to Liliputian shrinking.) 

A ton of Christmas symbolism overlaps with indigenous psychedelic shamanism in Siberia and pagan rituals. Deep dive on that here. 

If you’re simply looking for things to buy and not ways to debunk the Anglo-Christian-normative Christmas traditions, read on. 

Whether you need stocking stuffers, office gifts, or a quick party favor- these are some of our favorite items in our carts and hearts. 

For Those with a Sweet Tooth

Alice Nightcap Mushroom Chocolates, $29 

We keep our tin of Alice’s chic and stylish chocolate shrooms next to our bed—for a before bedtime treat that sends us into slumber land. 

Alice mushrooms are made with fairly traded organic dark chocolate, organic Reishi from fruiting bodies (better quality), chamomile, L-Theanine, Magnesium and Zinc.

Magnesium, Chamomile, and Zinc are all powerful, natural ways to induce sleep—and stay asleep. 

If you share your bed with a troubled sleeper, consider Alice the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Vosges Chocolate Mushroom Chocolate, $95

If you have a fancy friend who loves chocolate but hates losing control, gift her the Vosges Chocolate Mushrooms. Unlike most mushroom chocolates, these ones won’t make you hallucinate. That said, the 6 inch tall chocolate mushroom is filled with a soft dark chocolate hazelnut and Chaga mushroom ganache. The Chaga mushroom has cancer-fighting antioxidants, so it’s totally healthy to eat the whole shroomz—all 1.25 pounds of it!

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For the Beauty Lover

INARA Arbol de Tulle Perfume, $80 

INARA is a women-owned perfumerie that creates spiritual scents that are paired with music, connecting the powerful beauty of scent and sound. Drawing inspiration from luxury perfumeries,  essential oils and spiritual healers, INARA’s custom perfumes are non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan and alcohol free. Árbol del Tule is the grounding scent, named for the oldest tree in the world with noes of Cedarwood, Musk, and Vetiver oil Java. The scent is paired with a grounding meditation of drums and percussion by tribal music producer Janax Pacha.

Youth to the People Adaptogen Moisture Cream, $58

Our CEO swears by this clean face cream, crafted with Ashwagandha and Reishi for deep moisture and recovery. The night cream is clean, vegan, and forumulated without additives like parabens and sulfates. It’s a good fit for all humans. 

KushQueen CBD Black Magic Bath Bomb, $48

When you need to rest & revive, all it takes is a little Black Magic. This CBD bath bomb comes in 2 dosage options to help handle stress and pain all while giving you a sensory escape. When you need a retreat, the KQ Black Magic Bomb does not disappoint.

For the Home

Colorful Mushroom Christmas Ornaments, $78

These colorful cuties will add some chic personality to your Christmas tree. Bulbous and adorable, these glass magic mushrooms brighten the room just like the real ones. 

Jonathan Adler Shrooms Canister, $325

We love a cheeky, avant-garde detail in an unexpected place. This “Shrooms” canister by popular interior designer Jonathan Adler is glamorous and playful. The porcelain canister is detailed with third-eye mindscapes and accented with real gold. Stash your chocolate bars, and secrets, or invest in a full apothecary.

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For the Shroom Lover

Retreat Mushroom Hat, $35 

We love mushrooms around here—shitake, reishi, cordyceps, psilocybin—we love them all. Mushrooms are magical—they’re regenerative, healing, and soul opening. Rock your mushroom pride with our signature “dad hat”—

For the Creative

Super Mush Daily Creativity Mints, $14

Break away from the hustle and bustle and dive into your creativity, daily with these mints from Super Mush.  They're formulated with a blend of organic, functional mushrooms made from fruiting body: Cordyceps, Reishi, Maca and Bacopa. The flavor? Fiery, sweet, cinnamon on the nose, with a finish of refreshing herbs, melting into a mellow nutmeg.

Retreat Microdose Journal, $45
Our custom journal helps you move through your day, week and month in an intentional, holistic way. The analog mood tracker helps you measure your microdosing days, provides prompts for integration and reflection, and includes a daily breakdown to evaluate your mental, physical, and personal goals.

For the Jewelry Lover

Gold Mushroom Earrings, Montserrat NY, $200

These shroomie studs are made with lab-grown diamonds and plated with 18K Gold Vermeil atop sterling silver. They’re hypoallergenic and water resistant. These tiny, sparkly shrooms are a great gift for the gal you love—who loves shrooms.

Magic Mushroom Necklace by Logan Hollowell, $995

This 14K gold necklace is hand-carved magic mushrooms with 0.4 carats of white diamonds. A reminder of the magic of mycellial network, nature and human connection, close to your heart.

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Cori Sue is the founder & CEO of Retreat. She’s a recovering journalist and serial entrepreneur, having started, scaled and sold a media company, Bitches Who Brunch, and a marketing agency. She loves mushrooms, microdosing, empowered women, and helping others.

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