April 8-13, 2024


We’ve partnered with Beckley Retreats for a 5-night retreat, inclusive of two psilocybin ceremonies, holistic wellness experiences, luxury accommodation, and post-retreat integration support.

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What's included

The Retreat Package

4 week pre-retreat online preparation

2 psilocybin mushroom ceremonies

5 nights accommodation

Daily restorative movement and meditation

Breathwork & yoga

Community integration workshops

Nature & beach time

Locally sourced meals prepared by top chefs

Specially curated welcome gift

Complimentary access to the Retreat community

Integration workshops

6 week online integration post-retreat

"This was a remarkable retreat. I can not say enough about the facilitators and the staff . They were knowledgeable, kind and sincerely eager to help you make the most of this retreat. Just do it. You will leave asking yourself why you didn't do this years ago."

Anon - 2023

"The Gold Standard for Psilocybin Retreat - this retreat provides a well researched, thoroughly organized experience, enriched by an outstandingly skilled and caring facilitative staff. The setting is culturally meaningful in naturally beautiful Jamaican context."

Anon - 2023

"This is my first psychedelic experience. I felt extremely safe throughout the retreat. All the facilitators are professionals and know what they do to make one comfortable, create a growth environment and mindset, and pay attention to every detail."

Anon - 2023

What's included

Accommodation, transport to and from Montego Bay airport, all meals, 2 Psilocybin mushroom ceremonies, all classes and workshops, 4 week online preparation, 6 week online integration and brain rewiring program

What’s Not Included: Flights and Tips

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Embark on a sacred journey

A holistic program that provides the tools for meaningful healing and change.

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Our program includes 1:1 support, group information sessions, and thorough resources to prepare you for psilocybin ceremony. You’ll be able to meet your facilitators and participants before the trip.


5 night experience

Our holistic experience will include 2 psilocybin ceremonies, along with other holistic practices including breathwork, yoga, meditation, and rest and relaxation in gorgeous locations


Our program is a science-backed experience to support you in learning and integrating your journey. There’s group coaching, daily practices and holistic tools to integrate.

Our team

Meet your facilitators

Kara Ringo

head of healing

Kara is a psychedelic coach + guide. She is a reiki master, sound healer, spiritual empath and intuitive channel. Passionate about her esoteric teachings, she provides a grounded and pragmatic approach to healing and wellness. From working in Finance, she eventually made her way out of the spiritual closet with the support of plant medicine, and found her work expanding to microdose coaching and energy readings + healings.

Cori Sue Morris


Cori Sue is the founder & CEO of Retreat. She’s a 3X entrepreneur, having started, scaled, and sold a media company, Bitches Who Brunch, and a marketing agency. She loves empowering people to achieve their full potentials, strong women, microdosing, and helping others. Cori holds an M.A. in International Relations from the George Washington University and a B.A. in journalism from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Ana Maria Badila

Microdosing Coach

Ana Maria Badila's journey into the world of psychedelics and microdosing is one of profound healing and self-realization. Through these experiences, she found joy, meaning for her life, and a connection to her authentic nature. Ana Maria's commitment to the world of psychedelics extends far beyond her personal journey and she is more than just an explorer; she's a guide and mentor, leading people back to their true nature.She believes in the power of informed choices and knowledge. This conviction fuels her mission: to educate individuals about the immense potential of psychedelics and offer practical tools that can be instrumental in their journeys of self-discovery.

The Accommodations

Deluxe King Room
$9,500 USD per person

One king bed and ensuite bathroom 

Premium queen room
$8,500 USD per person

One queen bed and ensuite bathroom 

Double occupancy room
$5,900 USD per person

Two twin beds and ensuite bathroom

Triple occupancy room
$4,800 USD per person

Three twin beds and ensuite bathroom

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What will you experience?

Our retreats include...

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About Beckley Retreats

We're honored to partner with Beckley, a trusted and respected psychedelic institution, for psychedelic ceremony in Jamaica.

The Beckley Foundation and its partner Beckley Retreats, is a leader in the psychedelics field with research, advocacy, education and community. Beckley Retreats offers a thoughtful and thorough approach to psilocybin—with 4 weeks of preparation and 6 weeks of integration, and science-backed approach to healing. We're confident this partnership will provide a safe and transformative experience for our community.

Your safety is our top priority

Clinical safety screening

Experienced & ethical facilitators

Medical team on site

Safety protocols

Legal locations

Holistic experience

Understanding retreats

Learn more about the benefits and history of psychedelic retreats.

Policies & FAQs

Additional questions? 

Email: hello@retreatmicrodose.com

"Psychedelics are to the study of the mind what the microscope is to biology and the telescope is to astronomy"

Stanislav grof


Join us @retreatmicrodose

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